Building An Estate Plan That Is Right For You

Using your estate plan to arrange the funeral you want

Most of us spend weeks (or months) planning for milestone life events like our wedding, a major anniversary or a holiday party. But the one event we’re all guaranteed to experience — our funeral — often goes unplanned until after we pass away.

You might not have realized that you can include funeral planning in your estate plan. Not only can this save your loved ones the time and anguish of having to sort out funeral plans in the midst of their shock and grief, but you can also save money by pre-funding for funeral expenses. With funerals costing $10,000 or more, this can be a big help. With the funding already in place, your family will have immediate access to payment.

How much detail can go into my funeral plan?

Funeral planning can also ensure that you receive the type of ceremony you want. Details you can plan ahead of time include:

  • Whether you want to be buried, cremated, undergo water-based cremation or donate your remains for research.
  • What kind of religious service you want your funeral to be (if any).
  • Where you want to be buried and the casket or urn you want your remains placed in.
  • Any other details you want to be included, such as a specific person to deliver a eulogy or a certain song played.

You can include these details in your will, along with matters like who your heirs will be and what they will inherit. Working with an estate planning attorney can help you avoid mistakes and customize your estate plan to the greatest extent possible.